Elevate! Women-Owned BINGO Board 1

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Find Your Power presents: Elevate! Women-Owned BINGO! Our bingo board represents 24 different restaurants, stores, businesses, or organizations across the Twin Cities that are all female-owned. Find Your Power believes it is very important to support local businesses and put your money where your values are. By supporting these local women-owned businesses, and getting any ‘bingo’, you are automatically entered in a monthly prize drawing. Each time you visit one of these businesses you are closer to completing a B-I-N-G-O on your Elevate! Women-Owned BINGO board!  

To participate and get a B-I-N-G-O:

  1. Visit 5 spaces in a row on your board. 
  2. Post each experience online so we can see it. 
  3. Tag us @find_your_power on Instagram and @share_yourpower on twitter, or on Facebook.  
  4. Tag the business you visited.  
  5. Help us spread the word by also tagging at least one friend you think might be interested!
  6. Use hashtags #takeouttuesday and/or #togethertuesday in your post
  7. Have fun supporting local businesses and putting your money where your values are! 

Once you complete your purchase, click on the link provided on the top of your receipt to download your BINGO board! Each bingo that is recorded will be entered in a monthly prize drawing. Please make sure to ‘report’ each bingo in a separate message directly to Find Your Power on social media so we can include you. Thank you for your participation and support!

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