It takes many skills, talents, and passions to enhance and revitalize our world. Here’s a bit about the heroes at Find Your Power that are contributing their own powers to the mission of empowering women worldwide. Read below about our fantastic team!

Ivy Kaminsky, Founder & CEO

Powers : CONNECTOR – Creator – Motivator – Visionary

Home planet : Determinora

Organizer l Detail-oriented l Social l Extrovert l Visual l Friend l Good at making others feel comfortable l Planner l Coordinator l Thorough l Determined l Positive l Goal-oriented l Doer l Resourceful l Problem Solver l Out-of-the-box Thinker l Colorful l Creative l Tenacious l Perpetual Learner l Travel Lover l Food Tryer l Adventurer l Courageous l Intellectual l Cheerleader l Inspirer

Values: Creativity l Individuality l Integrity l Authenticity l Collaboration l Possibility

The visionary behind Find Your Power, Ivy has the uncanny ability to reveal the unique powers within each of us! Driving the entire Find Your Power crew with her positive energy, Ivy connects people who share her passion to problem solve and inspire one another as they develop Find Your Power to its fullest potential.

I believe the culture of Find Your Power is hugely important and it starts with me, because the leader is the soul of an organization. When the culture erodes, that means connections aren’t happening. So, it is my job to try to stay connected with each person on the team and to keep us all connected. In my opinion conversation=connection. That is why it’s important that we see each other and meet in person as often as possible, even when working remotely. We at Find Your Power are, first and foremost, a people centered culture. That begins with us and goes all the way to the individual women we serve. How we treat each other (and our customers) is very important. So is valuing what each person brings to the table. And having fun and not taking anything too seriously, because happy people do good work! My aim is to create a place where people want to be. A place where you can be yourself, learn and grow, and find a sense of purpose in your day-to-day work.

Find Your Power's Talent


Adora Vang

Graphic Designer/Video Intern

Power : Bold Dreamer

Home planet : Dortania

Honesty | Creativity | Determination | Gratitude

Values: Dreams, Creativity, Heritage, Entrepreneurship


With bold dreams and a knack for creating, Adora is able to turn the most abstract ideas into visual realities. Her creativity is as bold as her dreams, and as a proud Hmong- American woman, Adora hopes to become an entrepreneur and start her own ad agency within the Hmong community.


Holly Marsh

Development Intern

Power : Instinctual

Home planet : Pandora, where she will live with the loving Na’Vi

Achiever | Motherly | Resourceful | Thinker

Values: Equality, Love, Passion


With an impulse to care for those around her, Holly hones into her motherly instincts to teach and advise. Holly’s desire to problem solve and change the world both motivate her as a contributor to the Find Your Power team as our Development intern!


Andrew Pettingill

Public Relation/Development Intern

Power : The Human Microscope

Home planet : Strategica

Strategic | Determined | Analytic | Hardworking

Values: Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity

Deemed “The Human Microscope” for his sharp attention to detail, Andrew is bound to utilize his unrelenting focus to lead Find Your Power to success. With his clear and concise vision, there’s no telling what details he will bring out next. Prior to working with Find Your Power, Andrew diversified his skills in business sales along with holding  internships with Congressmen Erik Paulsen and Senator Senjem.


Charles Kiyanja

Human Resource Pro

Power : Magnetic Personality

Home planet : Skrinemto

People-Loving | Outgoing l Driven l Calm

Values: Equality, Self-direction, and Benevolence.

Charles was born with an undeniably magnetic personality. His parents didn’t know what to do with him as a child – too many friends – how would they ever invite them all to the birthday parties! At an early age, his schedule was jam-packed with playdates. Thankfully, Charles has dedicated his magnetic people powers to the noble cause of helping people become the best they can be, progressing their lives to the next level in confidence and joy.


Eniola Aderibigbe

Human Resource Intern

Power : Threader/Connector

Home planet : Earth

Problem Solver | Creative | Semi-introvert | Chef

Values: Integrity, Mutual Respect, Collaboration, Helping Others

Eniola is a creative being with wide imagination. Cooking and baking are some of her hobbies. Her passion to help people and ensure the welfare of others was one of the reasons she Human Resources as a profession.


Laura Leeson

Grant Writing Intern

Power: Gettin’ that Money

Home planet : Malalai

Analytic | Learner | Empathetic

Values: Kindness, Humor, Cultural Humility


While biking across America (solo), hiking the John Muir Trail, and living in Madagascar are just some of Laura’s daily routine activities, at the end of the day, Laura loves to mentor. Her specialty is teaching young women about sexual and reproductive health, a field she plans to continue contributing professionally. Laura loves to watch girls grow into strong, independent, and empowered young women.


Addison Reine


Power : Word Girl

Home planet : DeerMitalKwam

Unapologetic Abstract Thinker | Creator | People Lover | Feminist

Values: Grace, Understanding, Raw Humanity, Impulses

So wrapped up in her own head, Addie was doomed to a life devoid of reality. Thankfully, after years of therapy, she discovered writing as the truest way to distinguish her dreamy thoughts from the real world. She now dedicates her life to writing – continuously trying to put abstract thought into words.


Shravan Murthy

Strategic Adviser

Power : Strategist

Home planet : Quaoar

Operations Management | Strategy | Marketing | Spirited | Inquisitive | Rational Thinker | Multi-tasker

Values: Loyalty,  Realism, Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness

As the great strategist, Shravan has business skills applicable to many planets and galaxies, however, he prefers the great planet earth, where he’s surrounded by a plethora of automobiles! Shravan is happy to find himself within the Find Your Power team, full of other extraterrestrial beings.


Madison DeLozier

Project Management Intern

Power : Chameleon Skin

Home planet : Pluto

Adaptable | Honest | Understanding | Determined

Values: Honesty, Integrity, Equality, Precision, Kindness

Giving back to the community in any way she can, Madison has proved her adaptability when it comes to the variety of positions she takes on in the nonprofit world – deeming her power, chameleon skin. While Madison worked for tutoring programs for single mothers in need, she now takes on the role of Project Manager with Find Your Power. A diverse skillset, indeed!


Roxanne Krausert

LinkedIn Expert

Power: Empathetic Believer

Home Planet: Mars

Compassionate | Adaptable | Understanding | Non-judgmental

Values: Justice, Growth, Balance, Kindness, Openness

Ever since Roxanne made her first macaroni picture frame, she was hooked on crafts. She has been bringing the joy of craft making to people lacking exposure to the art form that gives her so much happiness. Serving and connecting people with every craft she teaches, Roxanne continues to inspire with the challenge of each project. In the same way, Roxanne uses her power to connect people through social media for Find Your Power!


Dylan O'Brien

Website Development Intern

Power: Super Listener

Home Planet: Pluto

Intellection | Includer | Adaptability | Ideation | Support | Outgoing

Values: Honesty, Support, Aid, Growth

A dedicated listener, Dylan’s ears have grown especially large as they strive to capture details. Thanks to Dylan’s attentive and supportive personality, he is able to create environments where people can meet their individual and collective goals. This is especially important when it comes to social advocacy – one of Dylan’s passions.


Marissa Murdy

Social Media Maven

Power : Socialista

Home planet : Pomona

Outgoing | Creative | Honest | Feminist

Values: Equality, Balance, Opportunity, Personal Growth, Voice

Marissa Murdy has climbed the social ladders of excellence. A constant stream of invitations to the world’s major social events flow to her doorstep to the point where she has become the biggest client of the recycling company. Find Your Power is lucky to have the social expertise of Marissa as she enhances our social network online and beyond!

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