In order to expand Find Your Power to it’s fullest capacity, we believe that establishing partnerships and alliances is vital. By combining resources, specializations, passions, and wealth, we aim to connect with organizations that also share our convictions and that have a passion to enact change.

If you, or someone you know, is associated with a company or organization that shares mission alignment and might be a good partnership opportunity, please contact us to discuss the possibility of a partnership.

Local Partners

Cultivate International

Cultivate equips leaders to build a foundation for sustainable community development - local and international leaders who are native to the minority communities they represent and wish to lead projects to address issues of poverty, marginalization, and injustice.

Our partners are leaders with a vision, who lack the expertise and networks to make this a reality. Through our 3 Phase program, they receive the necessary training, resources, means to raise funds, and access to people to run successful projects. We give them a strong foundation in management, communications, fundraising, community development practice, and leadership development, which they lack due to cultural, educational, and economic barriers.

Divas Fair Trade

Divas Fair Trade is a socially responsible organization based in Minnesota (since 2004), that looks to create equal opportunities for women and disenfranchised people worldwide.

We carry a wide selection of sophisticated fashion accessories and gifts from over 15+ countries; generating work opportunities for thousands of people, especially women’s cooperatives and family groups.

Tembo Community Partners

Team Tembo assists organizations and individuals in developing, implementing, and evaluating innovative and effective programs that address economic disparity, education, healthcare access, water and food rights, human rights, and the environment, (to name a few) and is dedicated to generating a shift in perception for organizations and community development programs, not only within those they serve, but for the community-at-large.

Tembo's Mission is to collaborate with organizations dedicated to building prosperous and equitable communities.

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