How To Be An Encourager

By Addison Reine

Being An Encourager:

There’s an undeniable warmth ignited when we are on the receiving end of encouragement. Knowing that another person believes in our own ability to do something, even if we cannot see it ourselves, can, indeed, change our own outlook on what we think we have the ability to accomplish. It’s true that even the smallest moment of encouragement can influence the direction someone chooses to take in their life.

Here are some ways that we can all be encouragers:

Believe in your own power. Be confident by example. People will be more likely to heed your advice when they see it coming from someone with genuine authenticity.

  1. Approach encouragement from a position of love and compassion, not aggressive criticism. While we want to see the best for the people in our lives, being an encourager means being able to spark confidence and internal power, both of which might be diminished if our criticism is too negative or harsh right off the bat.
  2. Emphasize their strengths. Complimenting someone on their strengths can bring out qualities that they may not have seen in themselves. It also lets them know you have taken the time to consider who they are as a person.
  3. Let them know how they encourage you. Letting someone know how they have encouraged you in the past shows them that they have the influence to change another person for good. This is empowering to someone who may be doubting themselves.
  4. Acknowledge their efforts. By affirming another person, we let them know that we are cheering them on and have seen the work that they have already put in. Continue to encourage efforts you see them making in the right direction.
  5. Remember, your encouragement is so much more than a kind word. You’re helping others take steps they might not otherwise take on their own.

Let’s be on the lookout for ways to encourage the people around us!


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